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    11 août - 13 août
  • Heure
    08:00 — 17:00

Date :

Du 11 août au 13 août


De 08:00 à 17:00





Africa TESOL Abidjan 2020

Africa TESOL is committed to enhancing the quality of English language teaching and learning in Africa. Towards this goal, Africa TESOL organized a pre-conference event (PCE) in Abuja on August 8th, 2019, in collaboration with the IATEFL Global Issues Special Interest Group (GISIG) and Research Special Interest Group (ReSIG). The PCE aimed to introduce the idea of classroom research to attendees and encourage them to conduct research in their own classrooms and schools. The event included a series of workshops by African and international speakers to give attendees hands-on experience and share with them the basic tools to conduct classroom research.

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